Tools not showing a drop down

I am using the latest version of Toonboom Harmony and it is not showing the little white drop down arrow in the tool bar section. Like say if I want to switch to a Shape Tool, there is not an arrow that will let me pick that option. Same for wanting to switch to a Stroke tool.

How can this be fixed?

Fixed it! I needed to install Python, reinstall the latest version as a Repair. Turned it on and it is fine now

No need to install Python.

In the Harmony Preferences under the General Tab you must have checked Flat Tool Toolbar (Requires Relaunch). When enabled, the Tools Toolbar will display each tool in its own button, instead of grouping certain tools together in pop-up menus. Harmony must be relaunched to apply a change to this preference.

IMPORTANT Because not all tools can be displayed simultaneously in a single column, some tools will be hidden from the Tools toolbar by default. You can customize which tools appear in the Tools toolbar by right-clicking on it and selecting Customize.