Toolbar Manager in PLE?

I seen that the option to “customize” tool bar is not available to be selected in the PLE of Animate Pro 2. Is this feature not included with the learning edition? I love to customize the workspace and the toolbars would be great to customize as well.

Thanks. Great product. Such a good idea the PL Edition. I can learn the product to the fullest so I can feel confident when I decide to purchase. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if I can customize toolbars in the learning edition of Animate Pro? ???

The option is "grey"ed out when I go to select it, and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is not available in the learning edition. :’(

you could try emailing support. I don’t know much about the PLE.

Thanks for the information, but it seems that it doesn’t matter if the toolbar I am trying to customize has nested tools or not, unless I am mistaken on what constitutes “nested”.

Every toolbar I right click to try to customize is unable to be customized. For example I took a screenshot of the right click menu that appears for the “onion skin” toolbar, which as far as I understand does not have nested tools. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If I could only “create” a toolbar that I could then just add whatever tools I wish. That would be great. It isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, I just wanted to know whether the option was available for me or not via the trial learning edition.

Thanks again.

On your screenshoot there is an option called Camera View. This option is showed when you work in Camera View.
If you change and work in drawing view and you then right click on a toolbar there will be an option called Drawing View in the same place. If you cross of for that option a new toolbar wil appear on top of your drawing view. Among these tools/buttons are onion skinning choices.
You can reach the same meny (as when you right click on toolbar) in top meny: Window—Toolbars—Drawingview.
By the way . The onion skinning bar you have rightclicked is … if onionskin will show drawings marked as Keys, Breakdowns or Inbetweens in the x-sheet.

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Thanks a lot Ivar. That helps me a great deal being able to customize a toolbar. :slight_smile:

If you now want to customize this toolbar further; right click on the toolbar, - Customize and a window opens. The window have two “compartments”.
The one to the right is containing what is now showing in the Drawing View Toolbar, the left one contain additional options. Between the " compartments" there are some arrows.
By clicking an option in the compartments and then the arrows you can move options between the compartments. You can also move the tools/buttons up and down to change their position in the toolbar.

Glad to hear you on the track.


This should be available in the trial version as well. Only toolbars that do not have nested tools (tools that are hidden underneath themselves by clicking and holding) can be customized. Are you trying to customize a toolbar that has nested tools, like the Drawing toolbar?