toolbar button pop outs don't work

There is a little small triangle in the lower right corner of the toolbar buttons for four buttons. I click on them but nothing happens. I am running this on a MACBookPro with OSX 6. When I ran the trial version on the PC, those buttons popped out with more options, as I recall.

Can anyone tell me why those buttons don’t pop out now?

Here is the option from the manual:
In the Drawing Tools toolbar, you can select the drawing
tool you want to use from the pop-up menu by clicking on
the arrow next to the drawing tool button.
The active drawing tool appears in the second button of
the Drawing Tools toolbar. You can press [2] to cycle
through the tools in the drawing pop-up menu.

But clicking on that arrow does nothing. All other things in the interface work. Is there a check box that has disabled pop outs on the toolbar buttons?