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Hello, after restarting my computer, I restart Harmony 12 Advanced and the preset brush and pencil tools pallette has disappeared. I can not find the brush and pencil sizes predefined in the default palette in the software. How to update these tools. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Ok all its OK i have found the good way !!!

Good idea to add the fix to the thread (that way, if future users find the thread, they can read the fix).

This happened to me; freaked me out. Solution was to delete the user-prefs folder, restart clean. A pain, as I had to reset a few other things, but I like being able to choose brushes! It’s definitely glitchy behaviour. Info on deleting prefs here:

FYI, the trigger that caused my problem was to set the windows OS prefs to ‘automatically associate Harmony files’ with Premium, not Advanced, as I had both versions on my machine. I wanted to click on the project icon, and have Win open that file in HPrem not HAdv.

For some reason, this screwed up my brushes, and when I reopened Premium, they were gone. So, you might want to avoid doing this and prevent this in the first place.