Tool presets and shortcuts


I’ve a couple silly doubts, and I’m sure they’re covered somewhere in the manual, but couldn’t find them anyway:

  • Is there a way to save a certain tool preset as the default one? Every time I open up a new project, the pencil and eraser default to a random preset (which is rather annoying if the eraser goes to the “soft eraser” one, which just doesn’t work with vectors). Because of this, I have to select my presets every time I open a new project. It’s just a few seconds, but with a 70+ project job I’m working on, it gets really old, really fast.

  • On a related note, I tend to switch between the regular and “draw behind” options of the pencil tool quite a lot, and haven’t been able to find a shortcut to use for this. Might be there, but I couldn’t find it. Mind you, I’m using the spanking new Spanish version, and I might be looking for the wrong name to the tool…

So yeah, these are really minute things, but the few seconds each of them take from my workflow end up feeling like months now. Thanks a lot!

I ran into this default-problem lately and I got the answer that you need to create a tool preset for that spec tool. So I have a few that has the setting that I prefer. you can also add your own icons to make them more unique.

Dont know if there is a draw behind shortcut but you can also set that as a tool preset, you can assign a key to the presets in the preset manager.

Yes, Tool Presets can be configured in Harmony. It helps to first
enable to “Tool Presets” toolbar from the Windows menu.

Make sure to click on the triangle button icon next to the visual
representation of the drawing tool stroke in the “Tool Properties”
widow to access the advanced properties of the tool you want to
make a preset for.

For more info on the different aspects of tool presets: preset

Mattias, rkriz, you’re GREAT!!

I thought the tool preset bar was just silly, and didn’t bother to read the section in the documentation about them. Thanks a ton!!