Tool presets, and colour recovery in Animate 3

I set up 5 brushes in the Tool Presets. Now when I start a New Project, and click on one of my preset brushes, it asks my to do a Colour Recovery. If I say Yes, I lose my full palette, and only have the Tool Preset colours. If I say No, the colours of my presets goes to Default black. I have not changed the names of any of the colours. I am using colours from the default palette that came with Animate. This makes the Tool Preset function virtually useless. It does not do this in Storyboard 4.

It is because the palette that each color pot has different Color ID although having same RGB values. Think this is the master palette concept that if you change the color on master palette, it will be affected to all scene painted on same color pot (same color ID).
When you create a tool preset brush, it also contains the information of the color (RGB + Color ID). However, when new scene is created, there is no same Color ID on new palette unless the color pot you have used is default/default.
If the color you are using for tool preset does not have to be the same color ID as for the master palette concept, you can simply recover the palette so that it creates a new palette using same RGB value (at this moment, the link of the original color ID is broken) but different Color ID.
If you need to use the same color ID as for the master palette concept, you need to load the palette file (.plt) that was used to create a preset brush. If this is the case, you should create a preset brush palette first and add the colors for the new preset brush.

I figured out that every new project creates a new palette folder, inside the new projects folder. Even though I’m using the default palette, that fact that it’s in a different folder is causing the problem. Also, I am having a hard time finding what a Color Pot is.

It’s because the Tool Preset brush is looking too far back into the string of folders for the palette folder, and finding that the project folder is different. Everything in the palette folder should be the same default palette. The only workaround I see at this point, is to create a template project, for when I want to use the default palette. Save as… and rename it right away.

Are you actually losing the default palette, or is it simply hidden?

If you click on the Show Palette Lists button, you should see two palettes in the list. The first one should be your default palette, with the name of the project file. The second one should be the recovered palette, for the Tool Preset.

Is this not what you’re experiencing?

I was not looking at the Show Palette List button at first. So, it’s creating another palette. Even though the name and color is the same as those in the default palette.
If I want to use the Tool Presets, in a new project, then I have to deal with the Color Recovery and multiple palettes. I can see myself needing multiple palettes in the future, but not just to use Tool Presets.