Tool menus appear offscreen


I just bought animate. I am sure happy about it, but one thing really bothers me, and I am hoping there is a way to fix it.

I am using animate on my cintiq, and this screen is my secondary screen. When I click on a tool that has subtools, the menu that pops up to reveal these tools appears on my other monitor. For instance, when I click on the select tool, the menu with the select tool, the cutter tool, and the reposition tool appears off screen. Since I am using a cintiq pen as my input device I have to switch to the mouse in order to highlight the cutter. The is incredibly frustrating. Is there a way to make is to that all my menus pop up on the cintiq only?

Are you running Windows or Mac? Which OS specifically?

This is an issue that has been reported before. I know that some operating systems have a problem handling the secondary monitor and the windows will pop up on the primary. If you move your toolbars sufficiently far enough away from the edge of the screen, then it should pop up on the Cintiq. A horizontal toolbar layout might help with this.

What model of Cintiq are you using?

I will investigate this further when I know which OS you’re using and which Cintiq model and see if there are any further suggestions I can make on this front.

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