Tool labels in SBP 5

I am new to SBP 4 and an even newer user of SBP 5. In 4, when I floated over the tools/tool bar a tool label/title would pop up. How do I turn these labels on in SBP 5?
Thanks, Eryn

Tool Label.png

I posted this question 3 weeks ago. Does the lack of response mean Labels don’t exist in SBP 5 or no one knows?
Thanks for any response.

Hi, can you repost your question on the SBP section of the forum? Most of the active forum participants here in the Toon Boom Studio section aren’t SBP users (at least I’m not).

In TBS, tooltips are available by default, and there are no settings that I’m aware of to disable/enable them.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I will redirect my question to the SBP section.