Tool Bar docking not working properly in Animate Pro 3.

Hi. I didn’t get a response to my last question (though I think I’ve partly solved the problem myself) but I guess I’ll see if anyone can help me with this one. My tool bars will not go into floating mode, and I can only dock them in certain areas. I didn’t have this problem with Animate 2 (which I was previously using). For instance, I like to have my “select, paint, pencil” tool bar just above the time line window, under my camera view. But it simply won’t dock there. When I try to move it to the time line and drop it there, it simply floats back to wherever it was. Incidentally, I can’t move the tools that are already on the timeline either (key frame, etc). I tried to do a work around by floating the tools, but they won’t float either. They will only dock in certain areas: like the very top of the screen, the sides, or the bottom.

I’m on a Mac with the latest update of Mavericks.

Is there maybe a setting I can change that will fix this? I’m almost certain this isn’t supposed to be how it works, as, like I said, I didn’t have this issue with Animate 2.


I think it is due to change when upgrading to 64 bit using new script. I have the same issue on latest version of Animate Pro and hopefully this feature will be back soon.