tonnboom to flash export

hi guys,
i still don’t have any experience with tbs importer, so the general question:

1. i have only a tbs installed, the other guy only flash.
2. we don’t intend to purchase the new licenses.

is it still possible to import/export the scenes between both programs, or there must be a machine with both programs installed in order to execute the process?
thanks in advance.

A great question. The TBSi importer is strictly a Flash application plug in and has really no direct connection to TBS as an application, it just reads TBS formatted author files, TBPs, and converts them into Flash formatted files, FLAs. It allows for the TBS content to be kept intact including scenes and layers/elements etc if desired. Unfortunately the reverse isn’t true in that Flash swfs are the formats that can be imported into TBS and so there is significant work lost in that exchange. But in answer to your question the TBSi plug in must be on the Flash machine as a part of Flash and doesn’t need to be on the TBS machine. In fact there isn’t even a requirement that both machines be the same type platfom OS (IE Windows or Mac) If you plan such a workflow I can tell you from experience that it works best only going from TBS to Flash, again because of the loss of names and layers and scenes ect in the Flash to TBS transfer. So do everything in TBS first and finish the project in Flash and then publish it, but don’t plan to go from TBS to Flash and then back to TBS as that will work you to death. -JK

thanks, jk.
this clears the issue completely :slight_smile: