Tone (shading) layers and parent/child deform rigs

Sometimes I need to have a deform module attached to an arm, and a second deform module on the hand (for instance). This works really well for cutting down on the number of drawings I need. The problem is making the tone or highlight modules line up over those deformed parts - at a wrist, knee or ankle. I’m sure this is something that a lot of people have dealt with. I would love some tips before I wind up having to try every thing imaginable. I’ve already tried parenting additional rigs to just the shadows, and that was problematic. Please see the attached image with the bad wrist area.

Thanks for any ideas.

Followup: I just now had time (it’s almost midnight on Sunday) to get back to this. Three new jpegs are attached with notes. The 3rd and best yet version for convenience is a separate deform rig using a single drawing for a shadow. The original version used a frame by frame series of drawing for the shin. This connected to the foot and thigh - time consuming but obviously very controllable. The 2nd version is a total failure. I tried a deform composite, but could not hook up and rig elements. The existing rigs did not get piped through the deform composite, either.

Frank, the forum squeezes the jpeg screen grabs down to where the module names cannot be read. You might be able to see what’s going on anyway by the color of the nodes. Thank you for looking.

The grabs are attached to my original post. There’s no way to put them on a response, that I can see. The original Rig 1 had a separate peg for the frame by frame shin drawings. The do not have a deform element in order to accurately meet up in camera view with the elements that do use deforms.

I tried using a series of different peg, parent, offset and deforms with the deform composite node. It did not except the attachment of most of that. I don’t think it’s really meant to.

Until I have something better I’m going to build a shadow rig that works just like the principal color filled hierarchy. If I can copy the principal deform rig parts that I need and be able to use an offset, well, I’ll be done with that chore I think.

Are you painting the tones onto one of the spare drawing layers (e.g. overlay) in a collection suitable carving and adding colours (use a range of colours for each) and then adding them to a colour override with colours not visible.
Seems the best way to do it to me.

maybe a screen grab of your network can help? i’m guessing the tone mattes are separate and included in the deformation so that they bend with the hand/arm?