Tone or Shadow?????

I have a character lying down on the ground and shadow of tree leaves is falling on him. I was wondering that which effect … Tone or Shadow would be better to do this.?? I tried doing both but havent got satisfactory result.
If any ideas… plz share… most welcome :slight_smile:

and remember to blur out your shadow. the physics in this is, the higher your shadow-casting object from the ground, the more blurry the shadow gets and vice versa…

Thnx Lily :slight_smile:
And thats a gr8 tip Amin
thnx again ;D

Well it kind of depends on how you want to do it. You could have a drop shadow from your tree that falls on top of your character. Or you could use a Tone module, and for the Mask, just manually draw where you think the leaves would fall.