Hi all,

I am about to dip my toe in the water of Studio and I was reading the features list on the website. What does it mean when it says ‘adapted tools’ let you make tone and highlight effects? What is an adapted tool? I have the trial version, but the only effects I can find are drop shadow/clip/colour transform.



I think what they mean by tone and highlight effects is using the stroke tool. Draw an ellipse and fill it with the color blue. Then select the stroke tool and hit the keyboard shortcut K. You can then make areas for highlights and darker tones and use the paint bucket to fill in those new areas. Hit the shortcut K again to see the result.

There is a movie that they did that illustrates this:

At the time of 2:50 they use the stroke tool to add shadows to the girl’s face.


One of the most useful and under discussed tools of TBS is its excellent color management system. Color palettes and palette styles are very powerful and adaptive aids in terms of giving the cartoonist the ability to apply and manage tones and highlights in varying environments and lighting conditions. Please read through this section of the Cartooning in Toon Boom Wiki to learn more about this most useful and often under appreciated feature and functionality. -JK


Another method that works is to create a mask consisting of a duplicate of your object, then put your highlights and shadows on another layer. This is more flexible because you can adapt the lighting as you go rather than have to be held to the area on your elements that you used the stroke tool on.

The other thing that makes this faster is that you can pretty much paint your tones fast and sloppy on a frame by frame basis. :PI guess that means it’s actually slower if you are actually doing your lighting frame by frame once instead of applying it to the elements in your project once.

I’m not sure how well this works in a rigged character as there may be some limitations to how many elements you can use for your mask shape. I used it in my most recent piece, “Postacards from a Hangover”.

Hmmm - sounds like it’s just a matter of ‘draw it like everything else’. I was hoping for a tone or highlight tool like in Digital Pro :frowning: