TonBoom Studio cannot save or load projects any more

I have been using ToonBoom Studio every now and then for generating animations for our e-learning programs.
Since today (or maybe some days ago) I can still work with ToonBoom Studio, but when I try to save my project TBS will crash without warning. Same when I try to load a project which I saved some weeks ago. Same when I try to copy a project or part of it into the library.
I can still save snapshots and export movies.
I tried this on 3 different PCs (using the license manager), and it is the same phenomen on each of them.
I use Windows 11 (is there a Windows-update feature with which TBS is no longer compatible?)
Can anybody help me or give me an advice?
Thanks in advance,

Greetings Schoener,

I advise you to reach out to our lovely Support team at They will do their best to find the best solution for your issue!

It appears you are using a legacy product.
(Legacy Products are Toon Boom Studio 8, Animate, Harmony up to 16 and Storyboard Pro up to 6. )

Toon Boom always tries to maintain older products and is able to do so for Harmony 17 and Storyboard Pro 7 up to today. However, it is not always possible to maintain Legacy Products working effectively on recent OS. Toon Boom Studio became obsolete more than 10 years ago.

Our support team will be able to give you help and advice on the matter.

Feel free to respond here if you need anything! I am still here to assist you.
have a nice day!

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