Toggling Between Drawings Layer to Layer

I can toggle between layers and between drawings within a layer or x=sheet column. I need to be able to toggle between the drawings that are on separate layers: Ex. Layer 1, drawing 20, and Layer 2 (above), Drawing 7. As I finish drawing 20 I need to toggle up to drawing7 on the layer above.

Right now it’s too many steps since when toggling between layers all of the drawings highlight on the target layer which means stopping the drawing process to click on the drawing to be created.

Again, Is there a shortcut for toggling between drawings on separate layers?

Hi there,

I see what you mean. Unfortunately I can’t figure out a way around this in the Exposure sheet. It will work a little better if you are in the Timeline though. Meaning, the shortcut to switch to a different element will highlight the whole element, but the shortcuts for next frame [A] & [S] and the next drawing [Shift + A] and [Shift + S] will still work. You won’t be able to toggle to a specific drawing, but you can use the shortcuts to get to the drawing you need to modify.(Doing this though to me seems like more steps than simply clicking on the frame I want to draw in)
Also, if you don’t like these shortcuts, you can change them via the preferences.

If you really need to toggle back and forth between two drawings quickly, I would suggest temporarily putting the two drawings together on the same element, then copying it back where you want it when you’re done.
I hope this helps,