Toggle Playback is not working proberly

“Toggle Playback” is plausibly not working as intended?

As you hit the shortcut while being in any view, except the camera view, it will sometimes not initiate its function. Only if you directly press the play button with the cursor.

Can you fix this?

It is truly difficult to work sufficient with this great flaw.

NB: I have changed the shortcut to “Alt+v”(like in Maya). I don’t know if the Alt button could interfere. But it seems like it is the case no matter what.

At first I found this to be a bit finicky but now I’ve gotten use to it’s quirky behaviour.

When bound to a keyboard, I have to hit the key as as fast as possible to activate Play. A fraction too slow and it will not work.

Binding it to the Cintiq Expresskeys, I find that if I hit it too fast or too slow, and it will not play. You have to hit it with the perfect timing.

Binding the key to my ShuttleXpress, it is working flawlessly when I set the drivers to press “once only” as oppose to “hold”. When set to “hold” it operates like the Cintiq, where you have to time it just right.