To many layers when creating new panel

When creating a new panel in SB Pro it opens with a lot of layers(not only BG and A).Two have names of other files on my computer.Yesterday I exported a project to -export to ToonBoom- with assets-.I later opened this project in Animate Pro by opening the animate-logo marked file in the -export to ToonBoom- package.(SB Pro project still open)When saving There was a warning saying something like: Saving will promote the project…etc.I later continued working on the original project in Storyboard Pro without any problems.The problem started today while creating a new project.I have tried -set layers layout to default- without any reaction, and cant find any other menu or preference that seems adequate to bring back the default amount of layers when adding a new panel or a new scene.( SB Pro 1.5 service pack 1 Version 8.6.1(4709)Look forward to some help on the matter.Ivar

Suddenly -set layers layout to default- worked- and problem solved.What caused the problem in the first place is still a mystery to me.But for now I am happy drawing again.TB SB Pro is so…I love it.Ivar

The way that Set Layers as Default works is it takes whatever current panel you have selected and makes the layer layout for that panel the default. So if you have a panel selected that has many layers, it will make that one the default.

Hope this helps.