titles over more than one panel or shot


I am trying to do a title at the beginning which lasts over different panels and shots. Is there a possiblity to not have to put the title in any panel by hand?
Since the title is animated/moving it makes it difficult to match any panel.

Thanks a lot in advance


You’ve probably found the solution to your problem already (or dealt with it one way or the other) but in case this info can still be of use to you or anyone else:

One thing that you can do is you can animate your titles on one panel and then spread it to others.

First, make sure that the element and layer that you’re animating is present on all the frames that you want to spread the animation onto.

Then, animate everything on the first panel.

Now, select the panel and go to Layer > Spread Layer Motion and you can type in the number of frames that you want to spread it, or spread it to the whole scene.

It will only work with simple animations (no ease) but it’ll get you most of the way there, anyway.