tips videos - you tube

hello - not sure if this is the right spot, but here goes.

As an experienced harmony user i have all the basics under my belt, but occasionally need to get to grips with a new node, usually in a hurry due to client requests under tight deadlines.

The absolute last thing one needs in this situation is videos that dont discuss the topic till they are half way through. You end up either wasting precious time watching someone talk about how to activate the software etc - or - you skip ahead and possibly miss important info.

i get why more lengthy videos are good for those new to the software - but could we get videos that are simple - “heres the tool, heres the interface for it, the fields mean this, you connect it and use it like this”

This would be most useful when you roll out new features to experienced current users


Animate is a discontinued software.
There will be no more updates done to Animate.

If you are making a feature request to Harmony,
here is the link to the Harmony feature request section: