Tips to Design your app graphic

The design of your app involves pixel-perfect graphics, graphical effects, pictures, and even film art. I propose two ways to create your app’s graphics: Do with a schematic design for yourself. Hire a graphic designer professional. Professional graphic designers spend years working and perfecting their art and, if you are a developer, a good graphic designer can deliver 100 times more than an unapproved designer like himself. The app needs to know your strong point and help you to attract more users. Here you need to know the rights and protection when using the original work of someone else. Clear and uniform copyright law. Can you now design your app or you will hire a designer?

Well, creating an app is not that easy task, I tried a lot but I do some mistakes in coding. And I didn’t know how to find it, so I am looking for a site where I can learn to make an app without coding. Hopefully, I found, where everyone can learn how to make the app without coding for free.