Tips for Begining Game Developer?

My first experiment with animation in Harmony. I don’t have that much background, just a semester of tradition animation and a summer course in flash back when I was in high school. It’s been years since I’ve done anything like this but I really want to work on my dream of creating monster pet games. I’m starting with a tomagatchi-like mobile game. I’ll be creating the art assets and my brother will be handling the programming. I’d like to hear if any more experienced creators could give me tips in making a rig look good and be easy to work with. I don’t think I could make this one walk side to side, or lie down to sleep like I want it too.

I also want to make the monsters have randomized features and markings, can anyone tell me how I can do that in a way that will be easiest for my brother to program later on down the line?

Thanks for sharing tips for beginning game developers. It is my dream to become one of the greatest game developers and because of this, I am learning about it online every day. I am reading the top benefits of playing football sports on website. I am reading about football because this will be the first game I am going to make and for that I need few tips on football.

I’m a newbie here. It looks like a nice tips as usual. Carry on!