Tips for a Newbie?

I have minor experience with frame-by-frame animation and rather dislike skeletal rigging. I’m fairly new at animation alongside this, so I’d love to have some pointers on using Toon Boom to it’s full extent and to improve at animating!

Hey Asteria, I am a newbie too. I have found the videos are helpful. I just recently discovered the webinars and their back catalogue you can view. I think you have to be logged in to see them. Scroll down under the learn tab. There are some in there that demo the capabilities of deformers that may spark your interest as a traditional animator.

I found Christina Halstead’s and Dermot O’Connor’s videos really helpful.

It seems as though there is a push to address the variety and quantity of Harmony specific tutorials. You may have come onboard at a good time.

Good luck