Tips and Settings to Increase Performance of Harmony 17 Premium?

I’m currently working on a project that requires TB Harmony Premium 17 and I’m finding that my performance suffers more than I would expect for scenes that are this simple. Playback on my scenes often requires one play through at about 4 - 8 FPS before it can play back at real time (in this case at 24 FPS). As you may be able to imagine, this slows down the animating process quite a bit since I effectively have to RAM preview (if you’re familiar with After Effects) every segment I want to animate to see what it looks like every time I have to tweak something.

I’m working with very simple rigged characters that are Bitmap images. They are not especially large (the file I currently have open has only a few different assets from a Photoshop file that is 1190 x 1105 px) and often only have one or two limbs that are affected by deformers, if any at all.

I can’t find much help searching Google and the advice I do find is often about decade old. I’m wondering if there is something very obvious I’m missing to improve the playback speed for previewing scenes – like the way you can change the preview render resolution in After Effects or something like that.

My computer is no beast, but I would expect it to be able to handle these scenes since I’ve seen it perform on much, much more complicated stuff I’ve worked on in AE.

Relevant Computer Specs:

CPU: i5-8600K @3.60 GHz (stock)
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
OS: Windows 10

Troubleshooting advice that I’ve already tried:

  • Setting my NVIDIA settings for TB Harmony to “Prefer maximum performance” and set my graphics card as the “OpenGL rendering GPU”
  • Disabling “Full Scene Antialiasing” under the OpenGL tab and restarting
  • Under the Render tab, setting my “Number of Rendering Threads” to double that of my CPU cores (in this case would be 2 x 6 = 12), as suggested by the TB Harmony 17 documentation.