?Tip/Technique on walking toward camera? (new to animating)

New to animating as well as Toonboom. Really having fun! Im trying to find a guide, tutorial, hint, anything on how to go about making a character walk forward or away from camera.


Do you just mean moving the camera to zoom in and zoom out?If so just attach your camera to a peg and then you move the peg in the z axis to zoom in and out.

No, he is saying how do you animate a Character walk forward, as in towards the camera.

If you like, here is a very simple test:http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/11/frontwalk.mp4RegardsNolan

ok so basicaly use morphing. I worked a set up out after viewing example from Nolan. (thanx). I think imm missing somthing though, i dont get how to work masking. So I have 3 layers" left leg", “left leg front”, and “right leg”. i have the l"eft leg front" layer so the step can go in front of the right. i think i need to work on masking cause i think im making it to complicated :-\

To do what Nolan did, just make a cut out character and use IK/animate the layers yourself.If you are talking about which leg is in front you can animate on the z axis to nudge them foward/back allowing you to switch between which one is closest to the camera.