Tiny Bible Treasures 6

Just uploaded another episode of this series.


nice, i like its simplicity and style.
may i ask a question? how did you do the effect on the two angels? there was glow, and something else?

In Toon Boom, I added the following effect modules: Transparency, Glow and Matte-Resize to make the glow larger. Then the guy who does the final render in Sony Vegas, added a glow video effect to make it even more interesting.

I liked the Angel glow too. I think I am going to attempt to do it all in Animate!

It was good to watch, however by the end that walking sound effect was grinding on me a little.

I have been reading lots on mary magdalene of late, it really interesting all the different views that people/scolars have on her.

Hi Zeb

Very high quality work yet again, I’ve left a comment for you on Youtube. My favourite style of yours is still "Parable 3 - The Unmerciful Servant"

Roberto “Coverting his neighbour’s Oxen” Stampini

Thanks, James and Roberto! James, when you duplicate the glow effect all in TBA send me the link and tell me how you did it. I’d love to see it!

No need to “covet my oxen,” Roberto! You have your own style and it’s very very good! The style for these TBTs was deliberately very limited. Even so, it took me 42 hours to produce. The art and story is all done by a friend of mine, Didier Martin.

If I get to work well I will make a tutorial!

What I really like is the beams of light coming out, I am guessing that is the part your friend added?

That’s right, James! The rays!

simple yet effective. im not an expert in animation… yet, only been learning over a week now, but this looked good to me!

and with the rays, im guessing its done through the network using the glow and sparkle effect, which have directional blur?

i’ll shut up before i get rollocked :slight_smile:

The rays were done as an effect in Sony Vegas not Toon Boom. I had just added a Glow and Matte-Resize but the rays were done in the compostion stage afterwards.

so much to learn… ???

Get used to it in animation. It never ends! ;D

I am confident you could can do the rays in Animate and have more control over them.

I will be diong this next because I have just deleivered on my major project to work sooooooooo I am free of anything to do for a few weeks which will include adding a few more tutorials to my channel.

Great, James! I can’t wait to see your new tutorials!

Once again a very nice animation. The only thing I didn’t like was the way the wings of the angels move.
Will the story of Job also come our way?

Yeah, Delah, the wing movement was rather funky–just squish and back. I’ll have to work on that for next time.

Not sure about doing one on Job. Of course, this is not my series but a friends. So far it’s been all New Testament, but who knows?

looking forward to the tutorials, just discovered em!

I just posted this at http://createbetterflashanimation.com/

If you don’t want it there please let me know and I will take it down.

No problem, James! And thanks! I’ll take all the free advertising I can get! ;D

you’re welcome.

It is my intention to try and show as many of the users videos as possible (since most people want free adverstising) when I post my tutorials up.

Afterall toon boom said to me I could post whatever I wanted, so I think showing off some of the awesome videos people have made counts within that!

I have a whole ton of tutorials I want to do (both animate and harmony) so hopefully I will get some time soon :slight_smile: