Tint Blend / Tint Offset

Using: Toon Boom Studio V3.5 Build 59 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.7

When I try using the Tint-Blend or Tint-Offset, these windows
are opening behind the Properties-Palette, so no way to access them.
(hit return to get out)

Either one has to resize the Properties-window or move it out of the way
before selecting Tint-Blend or Tint-Offset.

Is there a way that these windows open up in front of the Properties-Palette ?


It sure looks like a bug to me. No problems opening Tint/Blend/Offset windows in TBS v.3.0.2 on my Intel iMac, but when I try doing so in TBS Trial Version 3.5, these windows stay tucked behind the properties window with no way to get at them. I end up having to force quit TBS because it locks up the application and I can’t do anything else.


Please don’t Force-Quit, you’ll loose all your unsaved work.

Just hit the “return” key, that will bring TBS back to life.
(you actually execute the default settings of Tint-Blend or Tint-Offset).

Then move the Properties-window to the side and start again.
(maybe save first)


Nolan, I haven’t tried this yet and I’m not in the studio today, but I have a hot key “H” set up to hide the properties panel. I wonder if you did that could you have access to the Tint panel. Again I haven’t tried this so it’s just a thought. Even if this doesn’t help, having a hot key to toggle the visibility of the properties panel is very useful. I’m sure the TBS team will address this panel placement in the next build. Don’t you just love upgrades?-JK

Hi JK,

Thanks for the idea with the Properties-window.

I already had assigned shortcuts for Tint-Blend/Offset,
but not for the Properties-window.

Unfortunately, when the Properties-window is gone,
the Tint-Blend/Offset-windows won’t appear.


I suspected as much but heck it was worth a shot. This sounds like one for the development team at TBS to fix the subordinate windows offset property so it opens in a location offset or actually on top of the window panel which called that subpanel. It’s an easy fix, just an oversite most likely. Let’s all gang up on Ugo for not testing that well enough! ( Ugo I’m kidding of course ).

P.S. I have verified the existance of this hidden panel issue on TBS Build 59 V3.5 on Mac G4 PPC OSX 10.4.6 as well. It works fine on the PC Win XP version of TBS 3.5. -JK

Hi Guys,

Sorry for not being so active lately had a lot on my hands and did not manage to check to forum for a while. Concerning the problem you have, this is related to the property window always being on top of everything. This has been reported and is high in the priority list of the bug that needs to be fixed in the upcoming patch.

In the meantime there is a workaround for this issue. The first thing you will need to do is change the focus out of Toon Boom Studio (click on the desktop). Then you should actually see the Tint window. Now click on the header of the Tint window and you should be able to select it, make sure you click on the header for the rest of the window will simply pop back the properties window in from of it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for that beautifully little trick.