Timing off on lip synch

Hello. I’m new to Toon Boom and have been experimenting
with the lip synch function.

There is another question on this board about timing, which
suggests the problem is in TBS itself, and once exported to
Flash, rectifies itself. I have saved my little project as an SWF
file, but don’t think I have the software to play it to check.

Anyway, basically I have created my own mouth positions
and mapped them in manually to my imported sound file.
When I scrub through, no matter how fast I go, the mouth
moves perfectly in synch with the sound. It is very short;
only about 4 or 5 seconds long.

However, when I play it, the timing is WAAY OFF. It doesn’t
seem to make a difference how many FPS I set the animation
at either. If I loop it, bits of it will fall in synch after several
times through, but never the whole thing. And once I stop and
start it again, it’s out of synch again. Is there something I
am not doing?

I tried using the automatic lip synch, but there aren’t enough
mouth positions and because I’m recording with the internal
mike in my macbook, I think TBS is picking up the slight hiss
in the background, because it keeps mapping in the G position
where the X position should be. Regardless, even if I automate
the lip synching, then change the cells manually after, the
synching is well off when I play it.

Sorry if this question has already been asked. I read through
a number of threads but couldn’t find one that addressed this
exact problem, save the one I mentioned above.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dan,

The first thing you should need to make sure of if you want to export to swf and have sound in there is to check the Streamed checkbox in the Edit Sound window for this will force the frame rate to be in sync with the sound.

Also be aware that if you playback inside the software the sync have slight chances of being right for every drawing needs to be loaded in memory when you do a software playback and the sound does not slow down where the images may take longer to load depending on the complexity. To have a better idea of the timing you should do a Quick Preview or Preview Scene (Preview Scene should be more accurate) of your project.

As for the automatic lip sync you should be able to base yourself on it to do a first pick of the lips but be aware that it is always something can build on. If you notice there are some mouth shape missing or some mouth misplaced you can go over it after and do some cell swapping to fix the issues.

Hopefully this will help you out.

Best regards,



Many thanks for the advice. I did have the streamed box checked, so
I don’t think that was the problem. Anyway, when I got it working in
a Quicktime preview it seemed more in sync, so perhaps it’s okay.

Thanks again.