Timing in the Timeline w/ Flash or Templates

I’m trying to put a flash movie (output from TB) or a template of a walk-cycle into another timeline. I want the walk cycle to start on exposure X, but it only wants to start on cell 1. When I change the start frame, the keyframes are left behind. Help, please.

Thanks so much.

I figure I can use the scene manager, but I’d like to be able to just move my template or flash movie to later in the timeline. Okay. Thanks in advance.

Hi hasslehead,

First - I’d say there is a design error when shifting cells that contain key frames in the “Exposure Sheet”. Would you make out a report? It might be that TB Support know about this already but it wouldn’t hurt to submit a report anyway. This should include the fact that: You can’t select and drag all cells to a new position (containing keyframes) in the element sheet as the keyframes do not move. Neither can you add blank cells or insert blank cells in the element sheet as the keyframes remain unchanged.

Second - As you found, you can achieve what you desire using the Timeline in Scene View. By clicking on the layer that contains all keyframes you can then drag these (as a group) to a new position in that layer. If this includes a peg layer make sure the layers are collapsed first before you attempt to move them.

This should keep you going at least…


About the bug you were mentioning in the exposure sheet this is not actually a bug but rather the way the feature works. An animated element is basically a sequence of drawing on which an invisible peg is applied. By default pegs and keyframes cannot be modified from the exposure sheet. Although this can be easily done using the timeline. In any case I will mention the fact of moving the keyframe on an animated element as a feature request.

If you have any further questions or suggestions make sure to ask.

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I apologize Ugo - guess I still haven’t got my head around the way this feature works :-<br />Logic had me going in a different direction… I must try harder!

As an after thought…
…it might be good if you could see that an object in the element sheet had a peg attached to it? Because as it stands you are able to move the objects around in drawing view, it’s just that the keyframes remain stationary. Maybe a different cell color or something?

…thinking some more - I suppose that a cells label might do the trick and this wouldn’t require too much effort. So long as you remember to mark it when you import the swf file.

Have a good weekend!

I’m still trying to find a good way to time animations in the timeline such that I can build scenes out of libraries of animated blocks . I tried using the media element. It appears to only play a sound file from a template copied into it. I think I don’t understand how the media element works. In a new, blank project, if I create a media element and then copy a template into it and try to export to see what I get, the software says, “nothing to export.”


The media element is basically a container for templates and to use it you will need to get the library opened and drop the templates inside the media container.

The behavior you got seem pretty weird and I would like you to give us more information about what exactly you did to get it and what was in the template that you have imported in the media element.

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Okay. I will try to replicate the behavior tonight and maybe I can explain it better. I just started using templates so the behavior I noted may be due to my inexperience. I’m greatful for the help and this forum. I know TB is quite powerful, there are different ways to accomplish any one task and accomodating different workflows can lead to a code profusion that becomes unmanageable. With that said, a feature that would help my worlflow is the ability to make a scene, export it, then import it into another timeline at any point on that timeline that I specify. That way I could build animations in modular, atomic units. I know that TB is designed to help users build modular animations (think templates) but I keep trying to use the timeline like a video editing timeline. It works that way, but not exactly. Does this make sense or am I missing some major piece of functionality? Also, while I’m on the topic of future features, a point-and-click “expressions” tool for easy mixing-and-matching of mouth and facial expressions would be too cool.


Hi David,

Let us know if you managed to reproduce the thing. I think I got your first feature request and we will see what can be done but can’t quite guarantee anything since the video editing timeline would not really fit the animation concept

As for the Expression tool, have you tried the cell swapper? If you draw your expression’s assets in one drawing you will be able to change from one to the other really easily.

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