Ive encountered some problems at the time line as I animate, BTW im using TB animate pro 2
After I finished animating my scene, i started adjusting the keyframes at the time line to add some delays and settle. That’s where the problem appeared…. If I adjust the timing of a keyframe, the whole animation becomes jerky and if I change the instance of a symbol, every keyframe of that symbol change….
Don’t know what happened… please help… tnx

I’m having a hard time understanding what you mean exactly.

Are you using Stop-Motion keyframes (no interpolation) or Motion keyframes? I.e. do you see a line between your keyframes indicating that it’s interpolating between them?

If no, then when you adjust your timing, it will be jerky because it will be snapping from one keyframe to the next. So you would probably want to turn those keyframes into Motion keyframes, at least temporarily so that you can hit F6 and create a keyframe from that interpolation.