Okay some so buggy with toonboom or it is just made this way.

In the timeline when I make a new drawing layer, why is when I move through the timeline does the drawing on that new layer fall behind drawings below it in the timeline??

This makes no sense to me, in all graphics apps the top layer is just that the TOP layer so it should show above everything else.

Any clues would be great.

The new layer is created in Time Line (ex, pressing ‘add drawing layer’) it is always created above the current selected layer. However, if you are using Animate Pro, there is a network involved and if there is any, moving around (mostly coming out from the group) might cause the layer put all the way bottom. Move the drawing layer which ‘show group’ in Time Line for more details. Also have network view open side by side for the interaction (behave) while moving around the layer in Time Line.