timeline/xsheet problem

So, this is really an issue for us: we are a small company making a short film and has just started to use toon boom. however, one major problem, i think, is that we would like to be able to flip from drawing to drawing and have the timeline “current frame” marker to move along so its always in the same place as the drawing displayed in the drawing view.
its a pain when you see a specific drawing in the drawing view, and you want to mark it as keydrawing - or make a new drawing there using hotkeys so you can keep drawing, you have to go to the time line or xsheet and pres the frame before you can do that (otherwise it makes the changes on the last frame selected)
its hard to explain but i hope i made myself understandable,thank you ihn advance for any help !

This feature is only available in Animate Pro or Harmony. It does not exist in Toon Boom Studio.
If you are doing the professional production, better go for Harmony. For more information, you can flip between key drawings, break down, and/or inbetweens. You can also see only selected markers for the onion skin as well as flips.