Timeline View

Ia it possible to select multiple panels in the timeline view and scale them? If not, that’s be a handy feature.

I was wondering about this too. I need to get somewhat precise with the keys on a couple of scenes and the timeline view for the panels is just way too narrow for me to work with. I wish I could simply zoom in like I can in many other applications that have a timeline.

If this feature isn’t already in there, I would very much appreciate it in a future update. If it is, please let us know how to enable it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lilly,

Thanks for the tip! It never occurred to me that pressing 1 & 2 also worked in the timeline, but it does work perfectly fine when I use the keyboard.

The tricky thing is that the 1 & 2 keys are not accessible when my Tablet PC is in tablet mode. I’ll see if I can get this feature to work with gMote (a gesture command program.) If it doesn’t work with gMote, it would be helpful if timeline zooming could be controlled through an onscreen interface (like the slider for the camera view) since I only run Storyboard on a Tablet PC.

Thanks again for your resonse! :slight_smile:


What I usually do for zooming on a Tablet PC (which unfortunately doesn’t have Express Keys on the bezel like an Intuos or Cintiq does) is use gMote to assign the ‘zoom in’ command to pen button 2 (middle mouse)+stroke down and the ‘zoom out’ command as pen button 2+stroke up. With few exceptions, this works in most drawing programs I use but I’m not sure I tried it in Storyboard. (I normally just use the slider on the screen for the camera view.)

I’ll let you know when I get a chance to try it.


Just tried it and Storyboard Pro is recognizing my gMote gestures for zoom just fine, in both Camera and Timeline views. :slight_smile:


You can zoom in and out of the Timeline View with the 1 and 2 keys just like in any of the other views.

As for adjusting the timing on multiple panels, you can do this by selecting multiple panels, then going to Storyboard > Set Panel Duration

There’s no way to change it just by dragging on multiple panels, but I’ll see whether this is something we could do.


Hmm well I’ve never tried that before but I imagine that you could command it to work with swipe. It depends on how it works, but if it works similar to the touch strip on a Wacom tablet, then you just program that direction to be the 1 key, the other to be the 2 key.


Yaaay, awesome!!