Timeline unnecessarily extending the exposure on frames

Recently, whenever I go to make a stroke on a frame ahead of my existing frames, it extends the last frame’s exposure all the way to where I drew the new frame
It wasn’t doing this before and it’s kinda messing me up

Like, example, say I want to work ahead and clean up something further along https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43568612/problem1.png

I make one stroke and then this happens:

To test, I opened up an older project file and tried it and this didn’t happen, so I dunno what I did to make it do this

that is very interesting. I was not able to make it work in Toon Boom Studio although I think it is good feature to auto fill the timing :slight_smile:
It looks like there is something in the specific project but I do not know. Have you contacted support for that?