timeline scrolling - please

please add the ability to enable auto-scrolling in the timeline. i would very much like to have the timeline automatically advance during playback, once the playhead moves past the right-side boundary. it would be useful to have the timeline range “jump” to the next equivalent range – for example, if the timeline is showing frames 1-100, and the playhead moves to frame 101, have the timeline jump to show frames 101-200.

it is difficult to work without this feature. at the very least, please make it so the timeline jumps to show the area around the playhead when playback is stopped.

Yes. I’m just trying out Animate, and I noticed this missing feature as soon as I started animating. The timeline in general needs some work, like an option to switch to a spline view rather than a dope sheet view. Timing isn’t just about keyframes. Especially with limited animation with tweens, the splines are just as important.

I would also like to see this feature! I’m glad they added the moving playhead in Animate 2, it was a feature I requested a long time ago. I guess this would just be the next obvious request.

In fact, I would like an option to turn it on/off, either a button in the toolbar or in preferences (toolbar button would be better.) This way sometimes if I’m focusing on a particular part of my scene in the timeline, if I play the whole animation, once the playhead scrolls past I won’t have to go back and find my spot. I know I could always adjust the two little bars (forgot what they’re called) that narrows the playing section on the timeline but I’m lazy. :wink: