timeline panel edit questions

When editing (deleting or lengthening) panels in the timeline it creates a “rolling” edit…changes the timing/location of shots/panels that follow. Is there a setting to avoid this problem. I’m syncing to sound as I create the animatic. I need to revise specific panels in the timeline without changing the location or timing of the following shots. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using storyboard pro 1.5. I tried the ALT key and it appears to work for “sliding” a panel without affecting the following frames. What about deleting a frame without shifting the following panels?ThanksRickey

Are you using Storyboard Pro or Storyboard Pro 2? In Storyboard 2 there is an ability to hold down Alt as you drag and that will slip the panels.


There is no way to delete a panel without shifting the following panels.