Timeline mode

So I’m still using my free trial at the moment so maybe this is a result of the free trial but I haven’t found anything to suggest such. So When you switch to the timeline mode you’re supposed to get a timeline display where you can play with audio tracks and such. But every time I switch to timeline mode, no timeline appears, like, at all. There’s no audio tracks, nothing. I can’t add any sound if I can’t get this working. I’ve looked at the tutorials and followed them to the letter but this simply isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.


You should post this on the Storyboard Pro forum. Can it be moved?

Did you try to add a Timeline View clicking on a plus (+) sign of any window (top right corner) then drag it below the camera until it snaps on where if should be? You can also try to go to Windows > Restore Default Workspace because you might have occidentally detached the timeline.

These videos talk about working with the workspaces: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/storyboard-pro-5/storyboard/interface/add-view.html
On the first one, around the 3 minutes mark it’s shown how to add and dock a Timeline view.

I’m more familiar with version 4, so excuse me for any imprecision.

Luis Canau

Looking at your screenshot, the bottom part of the software window is
cut-off so you are simply not seeing the timeline. Set your monitor to
a higher resolution and you will see it.