Timeline missing in the default workspace H15

The default workspace does not display nor even have the Timeline buried in a tab while in Harmony 12 and 14 as well as Animate Pro 3 it was the primary view across the bottom of the interface.

Initially I thought this would something we could temporarily accommodate by saving a custom configuration and then leave this to be corrected in the next update.

However, it appears that you cannot add a nested Timeline view to the horizontal view of the default workspace. It seems to only be available as a floating view. If the case, this definitely needs to be rectified.

Update: Upon further experimentation the problem appears to be that you cannot reset everything back to default. I expect the “default” workspace to be locked. Yet this appears to update if you make adjustments, even without saving it remembers the adjustments. I expect Restore All Defaults in Preferences to restore everything to its freshly installed state but it doesn’t.

I am not even sure if this describes the problem. What I did was load the default workspace. I had never selected it after I opened the software. I just moved things around and left it. I saved a couple temporary custom workspaces…nothing I intended to keep very long.

When I chose the default workspace for the first time through the menu it produced a screen lacking Timeline and Tool Properties view windows. Initially I could not get the Timeline to load as a nested tab in the horizontal view space. It only loaded as a floating window and one that did not remain up front even though I had the Editors Always on Top checked in Preferences. I decided to go through the list of views to see which might load in the horizontal space. Some did. Some didn’t. I could get the Timeline to load as a nested tab in the side spaces though. Once I had loaded the Timeline in a side space I deleted it and tried to load it in the horizontal space. It finally loaded there as a nested tab.

After all of this, selecting the default workspace in the menu did not reset the workspace.