Timeline jump to first panel bug

Hi,I’m running SB Pro 2 Consulting Service Pack 2 which was supposed to fix the Timeline view jumping to the first panel bug. I’m still experiencing this, anyone else?I’ll have a new scene with one individual panel (sc10 - pnl 1) which I would like to join to the previous scene (sc9). I click/select the new panel (sc10-pnl 1) then shift + click/select the first panel in sc9. I use “Join Selected Panels”, sc10-pnl1 is now part of scene 9 but the Timeline jumps me back to the beginning of the project.Thanks,Johnny

Hi Lilly,I’m running OS X 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro Workstation.The timeline jump is inconsistent, sometimes it happens and other times it doesn’t. I’ve experienced it on two separate Mac Pro Workstations, both running SB Pro 2 Consulting SP 2 - v 9.1.5 - 7048.I have a video capture SWF of it happening in the link below. In the first 30 secs, everything is working as should be. After that is when it starts to jump.(File: Timeline Jump 3-28.swf)http://www.mediafire.com/?agnhvlm8hgjsxepThanks,Johnny

yep this is the same bug i posted on oct 27th 2011 . lilley couldn’t recreate it then either . ITs a really annoying bug . It is inconsistent like you said - i still haven’t figured out why it happens but it definitely does . I feel your pain .

Bump…In case others experience this and has some insight to help narrow down cause.

Hi Johnny,

I just checked on my machine and it doesn’t exhibit the same behaviour. What operating system are you on?


I’ve sent this one to the team again for them to take a look at, we’ll see if they can get to the bottom of it.