Timeline: Is it possible to increase the row height?

Is there any way to increase the height of the rows in the timeline? Also, can the font used be larger as well? In Toon Boom Studio the row height and font size are larger and easier to see. I understand that Animate has a lot more functions and so on, but to me, the rows and font are just too small.

Thanks for the reply, Lily! I thought it probably wouldn’t be possible. I can’t really change my resolution as everything gets out of focus unless I use the recommended setting for my monitor–a ViewSonic 23" widescreen. In any case, perhaps this could be a feature request.

I’ll double-check on this one but I think the answer is no. You could try turning the resolution of your screen down.


Okay I’ll note this one as a feature request. I did ask R&D and there is indeed no way at the moment.