Timeline in Toon boom

Hello,I have a question about timeline in our favorite programe :slight_smile: I’m only a beginner, but it’s quite tiring making identical timeline to different scenes again and again, is there a way to export timeline, so it can be used to more than one scene? Please let me know, thank you :slight_smile:

Just want to clarify first of all that you’re talking about Pencil Check? There’s no timeline in Pencil Check, only an xsheet.

Since Pencil Check is just meant to be a very basic pencil test software, there’s no library or any of those extra bells and whistles that you’ll find in the other software. If you have to re-create the same x-sheet more than once, you might try just doing a Save and Copy and then re-filling it.

Just curious - why would you have an identical timeline in different scenes?