timeline in symbols acting Funny, is this a bug or this intended behavior?

so I’m working on a walk-cycle and I just put it into a symbol to make an easily customizable animation but I’m noticing some funky behavior

The big thing I’m noticing is when my cursor is hovering over the actual timeline it jumps back to the very first frame but if I hover over the drawing view I can move back and forth between the frames. Is this the intended behavior of the symbol’s timeline , if so how do I change it to something sensible? I’m using harmony 12 and i didn’t see anything about it in the bug fixes section of the release notes

also I don’t know if discouraging the use of symbols in toon boom is still a thing but I really want to avoid opinion posts about so i’m just gonna give my two cents on it right now. Its in the software and it should work in a way that doesn’t feel buggy; i never liked how flash asked you to use symbols absolutely everywhere for everything but i’d like to use them for what they were originally intended for, canned animations that you can change later if you need to

Best Jelly

Hi Jelly,

No worries about using symbols in Harmony and indeed they are in the software. :slight_smile:

I am not clear about what you mean when hovering in the Timeline view, it goes back to the first frame.

-Are you pressing a keyboard shortcut?
-Also, are you inside or outside the symbol?
-Are you in Focus on Mouse Enter preference?

Once I understand your issue a bit better, I will be able to help you troubleshoot it.