Timeline frame selection

Is there a keyboard shortcut or option in the timeline that will allow me to do the following? Say I want to select frame 200 through the end of the animation and then move them all from frame 200 to frame 300. I know I can select frame 200, hold shift, select the last frame, and then move all the frames, but when my animations are 4000 frames long, I’m interested in finding a shortcut key where I only have to select the initial frame and then the shortcut selects the rest of the frames for me.


If you enter the desired frame in the playback toolbar -Framewindow The x-sheet will jump to the actual frame. Press the frame to make it active.
Go to end of selection by entering the number in the the playback toolbar
-Frame. Hold shift and press the frame to select the range.
Now enter the frame number you want to paste the selection press the frame and paste it. To control the parameters of the paste right click and choose paste special.
Later pasting will keep same parameters.

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