timeline Display module not working correctly?

Here’s a strange one. I can hook up a Display module at the end of a character’s main comp and it works just fine when I select to view his layers in the timeline. However I notice that when I connect that character to a peg above him (say, to track him into a BG element, etc), the timeline no longer displays his layers. It just gives me the camera and audio layers. The display module still functions correctly in the camera tab showing me only the connected character, but it is nice to use this to help organize a complicated scene where there are multiple characters and elements.

I’m on Haromny 10.3 on Win8. Thoughts?

could it be a bug in your file or your build? I tried to do the same on my harmony 10.0.1 and my display on timeline works just fine updating itself to new pegs I attached.

thanks for the reply. i’m attaching a pic of what i mean. i have a display named “mary” inside her main character group. if you can follow the trail, this group is nested inside of a few other ones (train/boxcar03/mary). the display module is properly functioning in the camera view as all we can see is the character, Mary. however in the timeline all i get is the soundtrack and the camera peg. none of her layers are displayed.

if i drag in a new copy of her template from my library and stick it on the main comp, the display module works properly for both the timeline and the camera.

this particular shot has a lot of PSDs in it. is it possible any of that is interfering with it?


here is a few more screen grabs going into the network starting at the Top, then into Train, and finally Boxcar03 where Mary is located. of note, if i hook up a display module to mary’s group inside the boxcar03 group it gives me the same undesired results of just the audio and camera.




strange, but there you go.

From whay I can see you have no display module attached and your display toolbar is set to “Display_All” mode. Your stuff will only appear in the timeline if your display toolbat pulldown is set to the display module that can “see” your elements.

Typically the (final) display module is hooked up underneath your final composite module right next to the Write module (although you can also introduce other display modules into your scene to spot-check what happens at various parts in your network.

thanks for your reply. there is a display module named “mary” in the first link listed up there nested under her last comp before exiting her group. the camera is set to display “mary” and so is the timeline. the camera is functioning properly as there is stuff that isnt being shown there (all of the other things in those other three screen shots), however the timeline only shows the audio track and none of her layers. slightly confusing?

If the network is hooked-up to a display module and the display toolbar is set to that display then the elements should show up in the timeline unless you have them hidden in the Show Manager (Timeline menu-View-Show-Show Manager…) or you are in “Selection Only” mode (Timeline menu-View-see where the checkmark is).

If none of these suggestions allows you to correct the elements displayed in the timeline then you should perhaps contact support to have a look on your system.