Timeline - Customizable behaviour of locked layers


since Harmony 16 it’s no longer possible to make any changes to a layer’s exposure or keyframes in the Timeline view when that layer is locked.

This can be quite limiting.

It would be cool if this behaviour could be customized in the preferences in order to give the user the possibility to make it work as it was in Harmony before version 16.

I add some more precisions to explain my request.

I’m currently rigging in Harmony. During that process, I have several temporary reference layers, at different levels in the timeline hierarchy, that I locked and that I don’t want to be selected when manipulating elements in the Camera view.

It often happens that I have to move all the existing keyframes of the characters poses and work-in progress step poses.
In order make my reference layers exposure follow the keyframe moves, I would have to unlock all the refences layers, move the keys and lock theses layers again.

My work around, for instance, is to open the file in Harmony 15, change the rig’s key exposure, save and close the file and finally re-open it in Harmony 17.

It would be great if I could do this simple manipultaion within the current version of Harmony.

Thanks for the suggestion Stefman! I’ll be forwarding it along.

It is a bit weird that you are having to jump between two different versions of Harmony the way you are to get the effect that you want.


thank you for forwarding the suggestion.

Yep, it’s quite weird that I have to jump between 2 different versons of Harmony. :slight_smile:

Both “modes” have their advantages and inconveniences.
That’s why it would be great to be able to decide which one fits to the current needs.