Timeline cursor

Hello, in versions 14 and earlier of Harmony premium, it was possible to select a keyframe and move the timeline cursor without deselecting the keyframe. In Harmony 16, if I move the timeline cursor, it automatically selects the current frame. I was wondering if this is intentional or if this is an unintended side effect of programming features in the software.

Another thing that has been bothering me since 15 is that the keyframe dots in the timeline don’t shrink when you zoom out and increase size when you zoom in. Again, is this intentional or a bug?

Thank you.

Hello SwindyG,

This was actually intentional as we felt we needed to change the behavior because it was causing problems and inconsistencies. Some commands work on the current frame while others work on the selection. We made this change because synching the selection with the current frame helps to prevent errors.

For example, when the selection and the current frame are not the same, deleting from the camera view with the transform tool would also delete the exposure at the current frame. Then deleting from the timeline would delete the selection.

We hope this helps you out in the long run!

This changed in 15, I suppose. I preferred how it worked previously. In some situations, for instance, if I imported an animatic with a bunch of repeated frames and wanted to delete the repeated ones to make the scene lighter I would click/select the first drawing and move the cursor until the next different drawing, then shift+click to select the frame range and delete all repeated drawings. Now if I move the cursor the drawing is no longer selected so I have to go back and forth to make sure I’m selecting the proper range of frames or take note mentally of the frame number. That is, to shift+click a range now I have to know both frame numbers, while before I could click and browse to the end point then shilft+click without the need to find the start frame again.