Timeline blocked

Hi everybody,

I’m working on a new project on the last Harmony and I have some trouble with the timeline.

Usually when I create a new layer “Drawing” it appears in the timeline, above the selected layer, and then I can move it among all the layers without any problem.

Everything was fine with my new project but at one moment, when I created a new “Drawing” layer (no matter through the right-clic option or the “+” icon), il appeared at the very end of the timeline. And the I couldn’t move it anywhere among the old layers (the layers I created before I had this problem), excepted at the top, or the bottom. Same with all the new layers I created after that.

If I try to insert a new layer inside an old layer, then this old layer is sent at the top of the timeline and I can’t drag it back to its former position. Just bottom or top.

Same thing with the Right-clic-insert-“Bone”: sent at the bottom of the time line.
Same thing with the Right-clic-insert-“Effect”: sent at the bottom of the time line

But I still can move the old layers as I want.

Did anyone ever have the same problem? Did I do a wrong click somewhere ?

Thank you for your answer !


I found a way to fix this problem. Not sure it’s the right one but it works so I share.

I duplicated all the old layers in the timeline, kept the copies and deleted the first layers.

No problem then to move the copies and the new layers where I want or to create new layers inside the timeline.
I still have some problems with the z axe but nothing serious.

Nevertheless I still don’t understand what was the problem. Maybe the timeline got frozen when I saved a new version of the file, maybe an unknown shortcut.

If someone has an idea…