Timeline Best Practices - avoiding Advanced Art Modes for now

I’ve got the color and line and maybe other various parts of a character on separate layers stacked up at the same time position. I’m thinking I need to consolidate each character on one layer because I need to reorder the poses. But this seems problematic.

If I drag a drawing vertically to another layer drawings disappear and appear in unexpected ways.

If I drag a drawing horizontally it repeats. Tech support says they might add an option to disable this behavior. I sure hope so. They say I can do what I want in the X-sheet. But if I try to delete and retype the drawing number in the X-sheet I get and error:

“Invalid value ( ) for this column due to case sensitivity conflict.”

How do I avoid this whole mess?

I know the basics of Advanced Art Modes. I’ve seen the video explanations in:

I’ve been told to avoid Advanced Art Modes until I get more experience. So it seems if I can learn a efficient workflow in the timeline I’d be better off at this point.

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TB Tech Support is very good as usual. They said to simply cut and paste each drawing to the right layer. But I have to do it for each frame. I understand that each drawing is referencing a tvg file in a folder named based on my Layer names.

TB Animate User since Jan 2014