Time to scrap reCAPTCHA

Obviously having reCAPTCHA has not deterred SPAMMERS.

It is just making constructive activity here cumbersome.

Please please please remove it.

Yes, please!

I don’t want to play that game anymore.

Just ban any content with Korean Hangul characters. Done.

Please moderators, BLOCK ANY POST WITH KOREAN (HANGUL). That will fix all that spam instantly.

Thank you for your feedback everyone. We are looking into this.

Thank you,


Blocking Korean could solve the current wave of spam, but wouldn’t really be a solution for other cases. If these spammers are not robots there should be another level or filtering besides the reCAPTCHA, i.e., human moderators. If spam is only removed on regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9 to 5, for instance) that can mean the forum is rendered unbrowsable during the weekend, late at night or even during normal work hours on another timezones, because we get a page of spam with no content visible. That turns away people from the forums.


I think that a moderator’s approval period for the first 3 posts of a new forum member would already hinder spammers from entering the forum.
And for those who are already in and do obviously post spam could be blocked, depending on the off topic content, regardless of the language.

I suspect they are seeking a solution that requires less moderation.

Thank you for the recent adjustments to reCAPTCHA. The additional topics include a few that are not as easily confused spreading into more than a single square, like “fire hydrants” and “traffic lights.”

However, now I frequently cannot quote a post or include a link because it misreads the text as “invalid characters.”

Yes, same problem here. Yesterday I was trying to post a message, but it kept saying that, and I gave up after a while. Just a couple of Youtube videos.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We made some improvements and bug fixes, you shouldn’t see that error message anymore.

Thank you,