Time line, and puppet animation problems

Im a newby, but im doing my best to learn all what is possible about toon boom animator.
Anyway im having some problems.

Following the tutorials to built and animate a puppet, i have made this quick example to assimilate the animation tecnic.
So i have this example of symbols, with the pivet’s set, with keyframes on the first frame of each
layer and have drag them to the animate library folder, they appear like this:


then i clean the time line.

When i import the same symbols (now a template i think), to the time line view they appear different.
with those arrows:


Im kinda upset because the time line is giving me diferent results than the ones on videotutorials, and i dont know why, like the color, mine are blue
but in videotutorials they are grey, something is really missing me. :-\


The arrow means that you are currently set up in Animate mode. If you toggle off the icon of the running stick figure all moves done with the transform tool will be done without adding keyframes (which is what the arrow means, an interpolation is done between the 2 dots(keyframes)).

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Thanks :smiley: