Tiger for 3.5?

Hi. I just wanted to verify what I see in the spec sheet for the TBS 3.5 upgrade. 10.4 is required for Mac?



I’m interested in this answer too. I’m still not totally sure I understand the impact of the universal versions of Mac applications. Version 3.0 also specified 10.4 (I believe) but my experience with it on 10.3.9 has been without any problems. So unless the new universal versions have some additional special requirements they may also work OK on 10.3.9. I think we will have to wait for some user testing on various OSX versions to really know. My experience with spec sheets is that they usually are written based on the testing teams experience and unless they say “minimum” requirement then there is some wiggle room (they may not have access to every previous OSX version for their tests). But hopefully we will have copies for users to test soon. Not an official answer just my wanting you to know you aren’t the lone ranger waiting to find out this answer. -JK

what was the conclusion to this? I’m currently still running 10.3.9 on a G4 and wondering if there’s any version of toon boom studio I can run.

TBS 3.5 and above need OSX 10.4 as a minimum. And if you go for 10.5 you will need TBS 4.0 at a minimum. TBS 3.0 works on OSX 10.3 as well as 10.4. I know that the OS and processor changes on the Mac have been a challenge for everyone the past few years. They are great changes but not without their own pain in the neck factor. -JK

yep, definite pain in the neck, and in fact I’m still holding onto my old i-Mac with OS9 on it too. that makes me a dinosaur, I know.

I’d like to try out version 3.0 to see if I get on with the software, and to see if it’s worth undergoing a complete overhaul to accommodate version 4. Any idea if I can download a trial version anywhere?